Round Sheep Troughs

Sheep, goat, cattle & horse water troughs for a permanent solution.

  • 400mm (16") high sides
  • Strong reinforced concrete
  • Rounded stock friendly rims
  • Large 100mm easy drain outlets
  • Built-in swiftlift lifting pins to simplify lifting and positioning
  • Will not buckle, sag or blow away
  • Control your water – save time and money

Also available:

Optional Concrete Float Cover

Simple and effective float valve protection for stress-free operation and maintenance.

Large 100mm easy-drain outlet with self-cleaning sediment channel in all water troughs.


Capacity (Litres)Dimensions (mm) Diameter x HeightWeight (Kg)
55600 x 400140
2701150 x 400360
4151335 x 400360
9001940 x 400730
13502445 x 4001180
Float Valve Cover50