Rectangular Troughs

Sheep, goat, cattle, horse & alpaca water troughs for a permanent solution.

  • Strong reinforced concrete
  • Rounded stock friendly rims
  • Large 100mm easy drain outlet with self-cleaning sediment channel
  • Dished easy-drain base Built in swiftlift lifting pins to simplify lifting and positioning
  • Will not buckle, sag or blow away
  • Control your water – save time and money
  • Smart hinged float cover – for toolless easy access to the float valve
  • 400mm/16" (3.0m/10' & 4.3m/14') & 460mm/18" vertical sides for stability, capacity & cleanliness
  • 700mm high versions of 3.0m & 4.8m troughs for feedlots with concealed plumbing (i.e. all plumbing can be in void under trough)
  • Sometimes referred to as ‘Coffin Troughs’


*New product now available*:

Stockyard Trough

Water one side, feed other side available as an option.

LT1200 Stockyard Trough 


Part No.Capacity (Litres)Dimensions (mm) Length x Width x HeightWeight (Kg)Standard Inlet size
LT1200W1301150 x 575 x 4003301" / 25mm
LT30004853000 x 685 x 4008301" / 25mm
LT3000F4853000 x 685 x 70012201-1/4" / 32mm
LT43007164300 x 685 x 40010401-1/4" / 32mm
LT4300i507164300 x 685 x 40010402" / 50mm
LT4300 Double14328600 x 685 x 40020802" / 50mm
LT48009804800 x 725 x 46015002" / 50mm
LT4800F9804800 x 725 x 70022501-1/4" / 32mm